Magnetic puzzles with only one button



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Magnetized is a clever puzzle game where you have to move a magnetic particle that usually goes in a straight line from one point on the screen to the other. In order to move it, you'll have to use a series of magnetic blocks to attract your particle in that direction.

Each one of the 50+ levels in Magnetized is a different type of maze where you'll find one or more magnetic nodes. By tapping the button (there's only one button in the game), you'll make the closest node attract your particle, which otherwise moves in a straight line.

Like this you'll have to try to stop the particle from hitting any walls – and it's not easy. Sometimes you'll have to make a chain of several consecutive nodes and calculate the particle's trajectory very precisely.

Magnetized is a truly original puzzle game. With just one button, it offers a fantastic gaming experience where the graphics are as simple as they are appealing.
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